Reiki treatments

Contemporary Reiki London offers...

We offer a free initial telephone consultation of up to 15 minutes. Our Contemporary Reiki London stress buster sessions are:

  • £70 hour
  • £45 half hour.

Fee for travel is free up to 3 miles from Bermondsey and then an additional £2 per mile thereafter.

Reiki treatments are a gentle, soothing and a completely safe. During sessions you will be fully clothed and either seated or lying down, when energy is channelled through the practitioner’s hands, placed lightly on, or hovering over various points of your body.

You may experience the energy as warmth, coolness, tingling, an emotional release, any other sensation, or nothing at all.

Reiki can contributes to the recovery from bodily ailments and complements any treatment already being received.

Simple but incredibly powerful, Reiki works intelligently wherever needed in the body, mind, or on spiritual levels.

Please allow up to an additional 15 minutes for your first appointment. This will allow for a confidential initial consultation, briefly focusing on areas such as medical issues, your general mood and wellbeing, sleep and energy levels.

Your session will take place with a Usui Reiki Master, registered with the Reiki Federation and providing one-to-one treatments at your home or work space in London.

Ready to optimise your wellbeing?

Contemporary Reiki London treatments are a breathe of fresh air that simply complement your busy, modern lifestyle.